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How would you explain to a nine year old why there’s statutes of limitations?
This is the kind of stuff that don’t need to be explained to children of that age.Simply tell them that certain crimes have a time limit for the authorities to deal with them.Tell them that the time limit is a practical reality because the matter gets increasingly out of date because the evidence for it increasingly disappears over time and the witnesses increasingly forgets the details.Also tell them that certain serious crimes like murder will never have that time limit because a person’s like is gone and the authorities have a duty to keep investigating until it’s no longer doable.Then finally tell them that many countries by history or way of life don’t have this time limit for all crimes • such as the UK.
What happens to private student loan info if credit reporting 7 years runs out but Statute of Limitations hasn't?
Private student loans run the same as any open account. For example, in California, the SoL is four years on open accounts. It may report adversely on your credit for seven years. After that, it is not legally-collectible, and it will not appear on your credit reports.In some states, any contact with the original or junk debt buyer resets the SoL clock[1] .Beware of junk debt buyers who may attempt collection activity after the SoL and/or reporting time ends. Do not pay any of them, and if anyone puts the item back on your credit report, file a lawsuit.Footnotes[1] Can a Debt Collector Restart the Clock on My Old Debt? | Credit.com
How long do you typically have before a statute of limitations runs out?
That question is too broad to give a useful answer. You need to narrow the scope to what, specifically, you want to know if there is a statute of limitation. A statute of limitations is a period of time after the occurrence of an event that a legal process can be initiated. Once that time period expires, then no legal process can be initiated to resolve the issue.In the U.S., most court cases, civil and criminal, are going to arise under state law. Each state will have its own statute of limitations for various things. The SOL’s in the civil arena tend to be more uniform. For any civil claim (e.g. collection of debt, personal injury, breach of contract, etc.) the SOL’s range usually from 1–6 years, with the most common time frame being 2–4 years. In the civil arena, the SOL’s tend to be relatively short.In the criminal world, you get much longer SOL’s and for some crimes, there is no SOL (e.g. murder).You will need to review your state’s statute of limitations laws to determine which applies to your specific situation.
If you are accused of a crime that happened 3 years ago and the statute of limitations is 4 years, but it takes over a year to go to trial, can you still be tried for the crime?
Yes. The statute of limitations applies to the time within which charges can be filed. Since charges were filed within 4 years of the crime, it doesn’t matter when the trial is actually held.
Should an investigation have a statute of limitations of 1 year to find any evidence?
Of what possible benefit to society would it be to limit investigations to one year? And how much evidence is ‘any evidence’? Let’s say you’re investigating a murder, a robbery, an assault: there’s obviously some modicum of evidence: a corpse, a tale told by the storekeep, a victim with a black eye. In other kinds of crimes, say fraud or conspiracy, evidence is likely to be hidden or obscured intentionally, so there’d be no benefit to limiting the duration of the investigation. If no crime had been committed, and no evidence found, the investigation would run out of steam soon enough.
How long does it take to fall in love with someone? What does it take?
I believe that I have the very best answer.There is no definitive amount of time...for males or females or anything other and in between. Let me explain It's not as if it takes exactly x months or exactly x days or x hours. And upon this, I believe some people can take less than a day--and some can take years. There's immature love, mature love, selfish love, unconditional love, puppy love, and so on and so forth and they are not tied to how long it takes or the age or gender of the person falling.Of course your age or how young you are mentally plays a role in it too, because very young people usually have an ill-conceived misinterpretation of what real and true love is. They are usually more prone to puppy love or to immature and purely physical infatuation/lust.But I do believe that when you ARE in love, when you realise that you're falling and falling deeper and deeper, there's no denying it. You just know. So really, it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as the feeling is real and irrefutable, and that you have gotten to know and love the person, rather than their money, looks, persona, status, connections, etc.On top of this, if you met up with a person once for a couple hours each month, for a year/12 months... and you realised you fell in love,  it took "a year" to fall in love. (even though really it took about 12 meetings x 2 hours = 24 hours total with them and the time in between to fantasise and miss them) whereas if you spent 6 hours a day with someone each week day for a couple weeks, it "only took you two weeks" (when really it took you 6h×5 days a week x2 = 60 hours  total with them and the time in between to fantasise and miss them). a year = really 24 hours VSTwo weeks = really 60 hoursDo you see what I mean?It's more about the quality and less than the quantity of the time. And it's also about the kind of love.There is no magic formula.But when you're in love, you KNOW. For the type of love that is strong and pure enough, that is. Not puppy love or lust.Expanding on this, I think for certain people and types of love, it can take less than a really great 20 minute conversation! to learn about and adore someone's personality. Then later to keep thinking about them and turn this into being in love. Whereas for other people, depending on the person and the conversations, it can take months/years! Again though, there's a difference between loving someone and who they are, between puppy loving or coveting someone's looks/some other shallow thing besides who they are, and between being in love with them and who they are.There are many differnet types and ways of falling in love, and there are differnet depths and growths and developing stages of it! I hope this helped! :)
The IRS says I owe money from 2022. What do I do?
It is 2022 right now, so if one owed money to the IRS from 2022 it is within the statute of limitations, which runs something like 3 years from the date you file a return, or when the return is due, whichever is later.If you do owe the money, and you can afford to pay it, do so.If you do not owe the money, examine the records and see whether you, or the IRS, or both, are mistaken or operating on incomplete information. The IRS sometimes fills in missing pieces or resolves errors in the manner most favorable to them. For example, if you buy some shares of stock for $5,000 and sell it for $10,000 after five years, you might owe, say, $1,000 tax on the $5,000 gain. Even if you report it, if the stockbroker reports that you sold the stock for $10,012, the IRS might contact you to tell you that not only do you owe the $1,000, but you owe income tax on the additional $10,012, so you owe another $4,000, plus penalties and interest. These kinds of mix-ups are quite common, and you can usually fix them yourself by filing an amended return, or speaking or writing to the IRS department or agent who is handling it. Your notice of taxes due will come with some phone numbers, deadlines, and procedures. Be sure to follow them, and try not to be late (though there are policies and procedures for being late too).If you are not sure whether you owe the money, I would try to figure it out, and depending on the amount and complexity of the issue, consider hiring a CPA, registered agent, or lawyer to work it through with you, and possibly negotiate, argue with, or settle with the IRS.If you owe the money, or you fail to convince the IRS that you don’t owe it, but you can’t afford to pay right now, you can usually work out a very reasonable payment plan with the IRS. If it’s a lot of money and you cannot afford to pay, then you may be able to submit an offer in compromise, or otherwise reduce penalties or even the principal. Bankruptcy is a last resort, but it can discharge some types of tax debts.Whatever you do, don’t ignore the IRS. They are remarkably patient, but they will get their money sooner or later. That’s why they are so patient, they always win. But if you ignore them you might miss some deadlines, increase the penalties, and they will be convinced you are uncooperative. The best approach you can take with IRS agents, usually, is to be extremely cooperative, proactive, respond if they call you, be respectful.I would also avoid any service that promises to reduce your tax debt or work out an IRS deal for you• the types you see on television or print ads. Most of these services are shady high pressure sales businesses and don’t do anything you can’t do for yourself. If you’re in over your head, don’t hire a TV lawyer, hire a real lawyer, or accountant, or registered agent.This is all just my observation and opinion about how to interact with the IRS, not legal advice and not intended to be specific to any one person’s situation.
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