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870-t Form: What You Should Know

For more information, see IRS Blog Post “Form 870-PT, Tax Payments” In order to use the Form 870-PT, filers must certify, under penalty of perjury, that they are the parent of the tax return that is the subject of the joint or several liabilities. Form 870 — Final Payment Asks Questions The IRS Blog offers some suggestions to help filers prepare Form 870-ST — Final Payment Asks Questions Form 870-ST — Formal Form 870 — Agreements To Pay a Child's or Parent's Tax The IRS advises filers that to include the amount of the tax payment to be paid on Form 870-PT, taxpayers can add the following instructions to the Form 870-PT. For more information, see IRS Blog Post “Form 870-PT, Final Payment Asks Questions.” The IRS Blog has more useful information for filers preparing Form 870-PT. Form 870 is used in the settlement of non-docketed cases in Tax The IRS provides direction and information to filers on preparing form 870-ST and form 870-PT. Settlement Agreement Forms For Tax Appeals Cases Form 870 and Form 870-AD are used in the settlement of non-docketed cases in Tax Form 870 and Form 870-ST are used in the joint or several liability settlement proceedings Form 870-ST — Final Payment Asks Questions Form 870-ST is used in the settlement of non-docketed cases in Tax Form 870-ST provides a way for the filer to indicate that it does not have an opinion on the amount of tax that is to be paid on an original or consolidated return filed by the taxpayer.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 870-t

Instructions and Help about Form 870-t

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